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Unlimited speed, download without login, fast sharing, global storage deployment. Store the most files with the least amount of money.

Your experience matters.

Are you suffering from a speed-limited network? Need to log in to download? Have your stored data been deleted? Here, these things will no longer be there.

Speed metrics

Based on Microsoft Azure backbone network, the speed is so fast that it can easily run the whole civil network.

Quick support

Customer service is available online 20 hours a day to handle questions.Professional training can solve most of your problems.

Large Storage

Free users have 50GB of storage space, and individuals can up to 10TB. for more space, please contact us to customize.

security safety

There is no censorship of uploaded files, no human will know what you have uploaded unless it is shared publicly.

Maximize your speed

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Daily requirements

The download is more than 700% up faster than Baidu Pan.

No need to put up with Baidu Pan’s Mars server anymore. From now on, the server is right next door to your house.

lower cost of ownership

The best unit storage price, the fastest unit storage speed.

¥ 49
per month

big enough to serve you, small enough to know you

Due to the bad experience of Baidu, DaZhong and other public CloudDrive, and the space limitation of Google Drive for Edu, I had to look for other ways out, and after trying 115, Mega and pCloud, I still felt that I was not satisfied in many places, and so, CxDrive was born!

Hacking anything to secure everything.

We protect all the files you upload, we will never be the same as Baidu Pan.

Maximize Speed

We guarantee the speed and stability of global access through different storage strategies, allowing everyone to achieve maximum speed.

Demo account:
Passwd: demo

Best storage for your work

We offer two different storage options, there is always one that suits you.

starting plan

¥ 5
per month

For ¥1.99 per month, you can have 100GB of storage space, which is very cost effective compared to other cloud drives.

lower cost of ownership

More cost effective than others.


Advanced plan

¥ 20
per month

For ¥16.88 per month, you can have 1TB of cloud space, and in addition to the same capacity as other cloud drives, we also offer a variety of services.

WebDav Support

High-speed webdav, which allows movies, music, and photos to exist on your computer by means of a mount.

lower cost of ownership

More cost effective than others.

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